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Costa Rica for CN Traveller

Whenever I complete a map for the lovely CN Traveller Magazine, I always end up feeling like I’ve somehow “been” to the place in question…





Maybe it’s the beautiful photos that accompany the piece, maybe it’s the re-interpreting of the geographical map of the place, or maybe it’s just that I like to immerse myself so completely in the feel of the area conjured by the writing – whatever it is it’s a great feeling and I hope it shows in the final illustration!

Here’s my latest, due out in next month’s issue.




Some maps of the USA, Nantucket,




and Washington, for the endpapers of reporter and journalist Matt Frei’s “Only in America”,




New York City for CN Traveller




and Vermont and New Hampshire.





Three different maps of Paris, firstly for Harper Collins, the endpapers of “Americans in Paris” by Charles Glass showing Paris under occupation during WW2 and some of the important buildings including Shakespeare & Co the famous book shop.





This was for Delicious magazine.





And finally some of the most luxurious hotels in Paris for CN Traveller.





Shots Magazine

A brilliant opportunity came my way when Shots magazine and I worked together over many issues to produce the booklet front covers for their comprehensive pull-out guides for location finders, directors and producers to different areas of the world.




The brief called for me to give a flavour of the particular locale, using hand lettering and just small icons.




I absolutely relished this challenge and translating the feel of each place into a graphic language was a pure delight each month!




Here is just a selection of what I produced during this long running project.



Maps for CN Traveller



This is some work from some of last year’s editions. Above focuses on the coastal areas of Brittany, France.




This is for a piece on The Philippines which was also reused in last month’s edition of CN Traveller India for their feature “Everything’s Funky in The Philippines”.




And this one was for a piece on the most northerly point in Denmark, Skagen.

USA launch map

FOUR Magazine is launching in the US and they asked me to create a map showing all the states and some choice food highlights and iconic American symbols to use in their social media.


Apsen for Esquire Weekly

A dream of a job came in last week from Esquire for their Ski Special Issue. Each icon is tappable and brings up the information for each location.


The challenge was keeping the icons and names as compact as possible so each area is obvious for the user to tap. This was my first foray into interactive maps and I can’t wait to do more..

Champagne for FOUR


FOUR magazine asked me to illustrate another piece for their wine section in the Winter edition, this time about Champagne.


Malbec wine

I was delighted to be asked to asked by FOUR Magazine to produce an illustration to sit with a feature on Malbec wines and how the grape is experiencing a revival in France and across the Atlantic ocean in Argentina thanks to a small band of passionate growers.